Join us to experience peace, compassion, healing and growth.  Located in Westport, County Mayo and along the Wild Atlantic Way, Get A Grip Adventures is an Holistic Health & Wellness business focused on delivering the highest quality teaching, mentoring and guidance to our clients through Yoga Classes and Workshops, Wellness programs, and One-One personal training.

Why not Get A Grip on Life with Get A Grip Adventures?


The Restorative Yoga class is amazing!! I personally joined the class as for a variety of reasons. I hadn’t done any real exercise in a while and I was also quite stressed through work. The class was the perfect aid to wind down and get me out of the house in the evenings. Dave’s class was the ideal solution to get me back on track.  The class was great, I felt challenged (because of my inflexibility) but so calm and relaxed afterwards. I would highly recommend Dave’s Restorative class, sign up today – you won’t regret it!

Nicola R.

My experience of Dave’s classes specifically the Yoga 4 Runners have been very positive overall. The class is pitched at a good level and can be as challenging as you want it to be while still being accessible to different levels of ability. My core strength, range of motion and breathing technique has really improved since I’ve been participating in the class over the past few years allowing me to hold a more powerful and aerodynamic position on my TT bike which is key for fast times in competition, while also staying supple and injury free as much as possible to be able to train consistently, and at a good level. One thing here, the same as any training I have found, is consistency is key. You need to practice yoga regularly to get the benefits I’ve mentioned and experienced.

Joe M.

I’ve been attending Dave’s classes for years and I can say Dave’s teaching skills are excellent. He is very observant and quick to help and demonstrate poses. The classes are very varied and cater for people of all ages and fitness levels. I am learning as much today as I did on my first day many years ago. I do a lot of outdoor exercise and I have never had injury or pain anywhere in my body and I believe this is largely down to the yoga. Overall a great mind and body work out. I would highly recommend Dave’s classes for everyone.

Caroline O'F.

Dave’s Vinyasa Yoga classes has helped me maintain my flexibility and strengthen my core which in turn has helped me remain injury free in the other sports I take part in.The breathing techniques encouraged help me to achieve maximum benefit throughout all the poses that I attempt. So… well worth going… for the past 5 years!

Helen B.

Dave’s classes are a refreshing and powerful change from the ‘mind over matter’ emphasis of beating your body and pushing for extremes. This feels much more connected to understanding postures that work with body, mind and breath together as one system and have been an enormous help as an antidote to desk based work. That said, they are a great work out and I always feel energised, focused and de-compressed afterwards. Highly recommend.

Lucy H.


The effects of a consistent, well-informed yoga practice are profound and make long lasting changes in your body, your mind and the rest of your life. Some of these benefits include;


Yoga practice is healthy exercise and is often a total body workout. The Vinyasa style of yoga will help you increase strength and endurance and improve muscle tone.


Practice and breathing techniques used in both Yoga and Meditation reduce stress and anxiety and can improve your mood.  It can also help calm the mind and ultimately reduce stress.


Yoga poses can help to appropriately stretch and relax muscles.  While some believe that they may not be flexible enough for yoga, we invite you to start where you are!